Here are a bunch of my scripts, for you to read and be like ‘what is this, she is weird’

New Girl Spec Script

I wrote this for a script competition, and also for fun due to my undying love for New Girl. If you disagree with me, you are wrong and I will fight you.


Short film script which was a finalist in the Shore Script Comp and the Cinequest Short Screenplay comp. Someone make it. It would be cheap to make.

Waddell, Ellen. Stages\

Script for my 2015 iShorts film Stages.


BBC writersroom entry 2017. Got down to the final, and got feedback on it. It’s basically a sort of sitcom of Stages, but with a totally different plot/characters. Just the same format.

Satans Backdoor

A horror comedy play, and just about the stupidest thing I have written. I even made a poster for it.