Jean Luc Picard and Me

Jean - Luc Picard and Me

Previous performances include runs at The Canvas Cafe in London, Alma Taven and Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol and at The Stafford Centre as part of The Edinburgh Fringe 2015


What’s it all about?

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Read my interview with VICE magazine

A one-woman autobiographical show charting how Jean Luc Picard, the noble and often philosophical French Starship captain of the U S S Enterprise, navigated me through the tricky terrain of my estranged parents battles, like one navigates a ship through an asteroid belt whilst being attacked by Klingons.

Delivered in the style of a Powerpoint-led Ted talk, the show follows the journey of an introverted 7-year-old who first bonds with her dad over Star Trek, to a globe-trotting musician who finds more solace in the noble and philosophical words of Jean Luc Picard, then in real life relationships. With his help, and the help of his crew, she tries to rebuilt her fractured relationship with her dad, deal with a Morris dancing spoon playing new stepmother and the fact The Star Trek fan club she founds at school is not well attended.

The story is a reflective and cathartic study of childhood, and how we often use pop culture and fantasy as a protective shield. The narrative, although personal in nature, explores universal themes such as understanding and accepting our parent’s very human fallibilities, while also celebrating the hardships of our formative years – specifically how they may give us strength, and perseverance in our adult lives.



What  some people say:

“A show that lingers with the audience, it is a glimpse into how we mythicize figures we admire in order to deal with life and how we exist within it.”

Isabelle Fraser – Edinburgh Spotlight

“Waddell’s performance is enormously brave, personal and self-aware….that she is willing to share it is our privilege.”
Michael Flett – Geek Chocolate

“Entertaining and delightful”
Paul Cockburn – Broadway Baby

‘It’s very enjoyable being in Ellen’s company. A warm, personal and funny coming of age story.’
Tanuja Amarasuriya – Executive Producer, Theatre Bristol

“Side-splittingly funny, Jean-Luc Picard and Me sees Ellen realise the humour in the mess we make of trying to grow up,”
Natalie Burns – Guide2Bristol

“It’s not like anything I’ve seen live before…I laughed throughout.”
Dan Izzard – Simple Lampoon.

“Hilarious, touching and has a great Nicolas Cage/bees joke!”
Timon Singh – Bristol Bad Film Club

“Funny, sad and enlightening”
Peter Sutton – Bristol Literature Festival Organiser

“Simultaneously raw and sweet, painfully frank and ultimately bursting with the joy of connecting”
Emma O’Brien – The Skinny

‘That was a terrible impression of me.’
My Mother



Interview with Guide2Bristol here

Interview with Chaplin’s Moustache

Interview with Bristol 24/7

Interview with Vice Magazine


Natalie Burns – Guide2Bristol

Dan Izzard – Simple Lampoon

Peter Sutton – Bristol Literature Festival Organiser



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