Recipient of the 2015 iShorts award from Creative England and the BFI Network.

Genre: Rom Com Com
Written and directed by Ellen Waddell
Produced by Emma Hanson

Starring Danielle Ward and Angus Dunican

Gwen, is an outspoken comedian, who has been dragged along to her boyfriend’s work dinner to serve as perfunctory window dressing on the exact same day she has been diagnosed with an unfortunate fungal infection in her intimate area. When Richard pre-warns her to behave “appropriately” during the dinner, they argue and she begins to question their compatibility. We flick between the increasingly disastrous meal at the restaurant and Gwen at a stand up gig a few nights later, where she provides scathingly witty commentary on the entire evening and wonders if, at the end of the day, her and her boyfriend should even be together at all?

Watch the Trailer





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