Relationship Reviews

All the great romances end with a bang don’t they? A disaster, pain, a parting of ways. A race to public transport. There is a real, or metaphorical ocean which drives you apart. Things left unsaid, or said too often and a feeling of unfinished business on both sides. All the less than great romances … More Relationship Reviews

My Child

Originally appearing on the In Between Time Festival Gathering Storm mini site, this is a reactionary piece I was asked to write as part of my role as Festival writer. It relates to the themes of the international festival, which in 2015 was Storm. I focused on the the future prospects for my unborn child. Not like, … More My Child

SAD in the summer

‘Sounds like SAD,’ said the doctor, ‘but that would be ridiculous’ and with a smirk he hustled me out the door with a prescription for branded drugs. But now I sit in front of industrial strength blinds, dreaming of long Swedish nights, because I do have SAD, but not for the winter. I am a … More SAD in the summer

You Only Talk About the Past with your Friends from University

Melanie. Melanie was a dull lump before she met me. A blur in the corner of the male eye. The kind of girl everyone forgets about, until they get a facial piercing. She was nothing of note until I took her under my wing and educated her in the ways of persuasion. I told her … More You Only Talk About the Past with your Friends from University

When the Manic Pixie Dream Couple talk

Let’s get minimum wage jobs and talk about how we will spend our lottery wins. You can’t make art with flat pack instructions. You can’t make love with wikihow instructions, and where is Waldo? Really? You know all I wanted when I was younger was someone to drink Ribena with, to talk about Judy Blume with. But If we break up, who gets … More When the Manic Pixie Dream Couple talk

Spoiler Alert

When I was 18 I went to see a psychic, and she looked at my palm and said “Spoiler Alert. Are you sure you want to know?” I said yes. I had a maths exam coming up and I needed to pass. “I must be honest with you. I am one of those very good … More Spoiler Alert


You think what you hated most about the party, though you would be hard pressed to settle on just one thing, was the endless parade of new couples. They showboated their untested relationships as they walked around the room, smirking as if their lives were complete now this person had decided to put the weight … More Showboating


I read some poetry and prose out on at a short story night. This is the first time I have done such a thing, and it was terrifying. My hands were shaking. I was wearing too much grey. I had torn a bit of my paper off to put chewing gum in without thinking. I read … More Hands