Currently working on: The Photographic Memory Recalls the Highlight of The Year – a commission from Western Edge Productions Genre: A Real Science Fiction Romantic Comedy Written by Tom Betts and Ellen Waddell Supported by the Wellcome Trust Broadcast Development Awards Ben Porter (38) remembers everything that has ever happened to him. His unique mind has … More

2 Days in Bristol

Two days to finish the film, so I’m drinking wine in a bar and filling in blanks with appropriate quips. It’s hard to think of funny lines when you’re obliged to. You want organic hilarity, and sometimes it’s pretty tricky. I don’t tend to walk into rooms and make people die of laughter. There are … More 2 Days in Bristol


The great thing about being home for Christmas is the ‘family home’ is a ten minute walk away from the actual home. Although I have not left the ‘family home’ and returned to ‘actual home’ yet because I ate the contents of the fridge before I left and this place has pigs in blanket on … More Xmas

Script writing

I told Tom (Betts, my writing partner) I wanted to change parts of a scene he wrote. (For the film we are writing together called The Photographic Memory Recalls the Highlights of the Year for Western Edge Pictures. Keep up.) I told him I hoped I hadn’t offended him with my comments. He sent me this … More Script writing

Rom Com Com

Rom Com Com REMEMBER THIS from 2:  A star can open a romantic comedy, but a protagonist who doesn’t make sense will piss off the movie’s audience forever. Old movies are pretty great, am I right guys? You’ve seen old movies before?     The dialogue, the long unedited shots, the way it takes it’s time. … More Rom Com Com

Character Mapping

Last year I attended a talk by screenplay solver Laurie Hutzler at my local independent arthouse cinema, The Watershed. Laurie has worked with everyone from Aardman to Pixar, solving their script issues, and making stuff flow and she proved to be a funny, bright and wonderful woman with whom I would love to have a pint … More Character Mapping


Teddy When you watch Ted online every video is a revelation. These brave men and women charismatically telling us life altering stories and changing our view of the world with science or personal experience, and we have the option to stop watching if our view of the world has not altered in three minutes or … More Teddy

Ted Talks

    I am very excited about attending my first Ted Talk in Bristol. It is on the theme of failure, which is very important to me. When I think of failure I think about the Victoria Sponge cake I made in Home Economics, which I then left out on the side to go stale. … More Ted Talks