Review: The Crucible by Bristol Old Vic

Originally published on Theatre Bristol Writers – watched on 14th October 2015 From Sabrina The Teenage Witch to Hocus Pocus, the trials and tribulations of witches, or those accused of being, have oft been written of, but none more depressingly so then Arthur Millers 1953 play The Crucible. A fictionalised account of the 17th century Salem Witch … More Review: The Crucible by Bristol Old Vic

Edinburgh Fringe Festival Press Release Draft 1

Just been working on my press release for the Fringe – I shall be performing at The Stafford Centre from the 18th – 30th of August as part of the PBH Free Fringe. This is my first attempt at a press release, and so far I think I am nailing it. To (your name … More Edinburgh Fringe Festival Press Release Draft 1

Review: SOLO Contemporary Peformance

Watched at The Trinity Centre on the 20th of March – Originally posted on Bristol 24/7  Back in October, the Falmouth/Bristol-based Solo Contemporary Performance Forum (SCPF) organised a residency workshop for performers. Held over two nights at Trinity, this Solo Forum is the direct result. The organisation offers artistic support to solo theatre makers in the … More Review: SOLO Contemporary Peformance

Review: Josie Long at The Tobacco Factory

This review originally appeared on Bristol24/7 Ellen Waddell, February 23, 2015 Josie Long is now a veteran of the comedy scene with 14 years under her belt, and this bonus matinee performance (the evening show having sold out) is testament to her hard graft and stealthily rising star. She amiably greets the crowd in her usual … More Review: Josie Long at The Tobacco Factory

Review: Stuart Goldsmith at The Comedy Box

Review originally appeared on Bristol24/7 Southville’s Comedy Box is fit to burst with Saturday-night revellers, tables overflowing with wine, excited anticipation and awkward work parties. But our compere for the evening, former Bristol Uni student Fin Taylor, instantly puts the crowd at ease with his absurdist observations, self-deprecating humour and uncanny ability to weave his own … More Review: Stuart Goldsmith at The Comedy Box

All the Fist Bumps

On the 11th and 12th of February I will be performing “Jean Luc Picard and Me” at The Alma Tavern in Bristol, just off Whiteladies Road. It’s my one person show about how Jean Luc Picard helped me through the toughest of tough times. Like puberty. And the time no one came to my Star Trek fan club.  You don’t have … More All the Fist Bumps

Theatre Review: Macbeth at The Tobacco Factory

Macbeth by Filter Theatre and Tobacco Factory Theatres Wednesday 3 – Saturday 20 September Tobacco Factory Theatre ‘It’s Shakespeare, but not as we know it.” A plethora of instruments, percussion and tangled wires sit in a divot in the middle of a stage. Four actors build a wall of electronic noise using a succession of midi keyboards, theremins … More Theatre Review: Macbeth at The Tobacco Factory

Review: Shakespeare in Hell

With their promenade production of ‘Shakespeare in Hell,’ Brite Theatre in association with So Potent Arts have proved themselves to be the theatrical equivalent of DJ Danger Mouse, mashing up the work of two cultural icons to produce an inventive and surprisingly succinct piece of entertainment. ‘Shakespeare in Hell,’ blends together the most infamous and bloody … More Review: Shakespeare in Hell