Mr Netflix

Back in the days of yore you could go to the cinema for sixpence and twenty, and still have change for a bottle of pop and an ice cream sundae to share with your “favourite” girl…. Nowadays its £400 for a ticket, and an extra 60 quid for the thimble of genetically modified fizzy brown … More Mr Netflix

Evil Partner

Dear Hollywood, I was watching the popular cancer film 50/50 on a plane recently and although I enjoyed it, it struck me as being the perfect example of a film resorting to clichéd characters as a catalyst for plot developments, and in doing so, selling itself short. The film is based on the screenwriter Will Reiser’s real … More Evil Partner

Review: Before Midnight

Reviewed for the 405 ‘Before Midnight’ aka Jesse and Celine: The Golden Years reunites Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke for the third film in the Rom Prom (romantic promenade) trilogy, a life long project and postmodern exploration into what happens after the cute meet. Much has changed since ‘Before Sunrise,’ when Jessie and … More Review: Before Midnight

Review: The Host

So The Host is a splenda infused invasion of the body snatchers romance for the Hunger Games generation. Or possibly a metaphor for PMS. Or a remake of Fight Club. Either way, it’s bad. Really bad. Not even bad in a fun way. Just badly scripted non sensical ridiculously boring bad and some of the … More Review: The Host