Review: The Crucible by Bristol Old Vic

Originally published on Theatre Bristol Writers – watched on 14th October 2015 From Sabrina The Teenage Witch to Hocus Pocus, the trials and tribulations of witches, or those accused of being, have oft been written of, but none more depressingly so then Arthur Millers 1953 play The Crucible. A fictionalised account of the 17th century Salem Witch … More Review: The Crucible by Bristol Old Vic

Egg poaching hack

Like eggs but don’t like washing up? Well,  I have a treat for you. This recipe was passed down through my family for generations (or my old flatmate might have told me it, I forget.) Boil Kettle. 2. Pour boiling water into mug immediately. 3. Crack egg into mug. 4. Put egg and mug into … More Egg poaching hack