Sharp Teeth

I tried out a new performance piece at Sharp Teeth at The Wardrobe Theatre on Sunday, and it went pretty well. I got a nice review here which said my piece was “wonderfully entertaining and impeccably performed. It’s an admirable example of high concept, low budget production.”

Which is my specialty. Especially as it involved me doing this:


Photo by Adam Fung

Can’t get more low budget than me talking to an empty chair.

Sharp Teeth is run, and presented, by Andrew Kelly and Stephanie Kempson, who did a spot of improvised storytelling which saw Alan Rickmans most iconic characters battling it out to the death. The night also featured the excellent musician Gecko and bittersweet slam poet Sam Grudgings. It was so well run, so friendly and warm and think might be one of my favourite things I have ever performed at. They run monthly, and you should go because you will have a fantastic time.

More info about Sharp Teeth, and to reserve tickets for their next event on the 28th Feb here


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