GIF based persuasion

I am performing “Jean Luc Picard and Me,” my one person show about growing up weird in London on the 2nd – 4th of July at The Canvas, and at The Edinburgh Fringe, as part of PBH free fringe on the 19th – 30th of August.

Exciting. Terrifying. Feel a bit like this.


I am still fairly new to the heady world of one person shows, but I heard the most important thing is an audience. Having one. And some sort of alcoholic beverage. And lights. And possibly chairs? Anyhow, I am in charge of my own marketing and promotion, so lets start now.

I’m gonna persuade you with GIFS.

giphy (1)

Please come and see my show. And if you have already seen it, then spread the word. AND THEN SOME BUTTER ONTO A SLICE OF TOAST. Because you deserve it.


If you have seen it and you enjoyed it and you know people in London (ohhhh get you) or going to The Edinburgh Fringe, tell them about it. Tell them they simply must go and see a show with a lady and a shit looking paper mache head of Patrick Stewart. Tell them Jimmy Carr CAN wait.

200 (2)

Tell them it’s not really about Star Trek, the same way Jaws isn’t really about a shark, and its universally cathartic.

I guarantee THEY will relate to at least 3 of my embarrassing awkward life experiences, or your money back! (I might not fufill this)

Only you can… make it show.

200 (3)

Anyway – buy tickets here

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