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Bristopia is a new satirical podcast in the style of This American Life, which gently mocks the wonderful town of Bristol. Bristol is a city that’s rising through the ranks of desirable places to be – of course, you’ve read the surveys and Buzzfeed posts, and you must be aware we’re steadily approaching peak-Bristol. It’s with this in mind that we’ve put together a topical radio news programme which includes headlines, interviews with local folk, and short documentaries. Naturally, we’re not taking ourselves so seriously. Because only about half of it is true.

The podcast was dreamed up by Mr Andy Price from Chaplin’s Moustache (the best website for people who take comedy seriously) and I am a contributing writer and voice.

Iit’s a scripted show full of jokes and stupid sound effects – but it’s based on real news and real events. In our first episode, we’ll be looking at what’s happening in the city as it enters 2015, we’ll be talking to someone about the Bristol Green Capital bid, and where the money is going for that, as well as a brand new cafe opening up in the city, which sells only organic, imported oats. That last one’s presented by Justin – we’ve given him some airtime to earn college credits.

It’d be great if you could subscribe via iTunes, or your desired podcasting app – or you can listen to it on Libsyn – see above!

Any questions – fire them over to Andy via email, twitter, or just head to his Vine page because he has been really been getting into that recently.

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