My Pop Culture Consumation

What am I filling my brain with at the moment?

Reading: Rat Queens by Kurtis Wiebe

Quips! Tits! Swords! Magic! Strong female characters not written by Joss Whedon! Rat Queens is an Enid Blyton book mashed with the best game of World of Warcraft you EVER played mashed with the sassiest person you know at their sassiest. But on acid.

You should read it with your eyes – it’s already been nominated for an Eisner, and apparently will be adapted into an animated series. I am assuming not for Cartoon Network.


For fans of: Fable, Skyrim, Game of Thrones, Laughter.

The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer


I dearly love Amanda Palmer and her Grand Theft Orchestra, and I regularly like to dine out on the now dwindling scraps of the ‘time I met Amanda Palmer’ story, and she was all super cool, and I was all like, huh, what, erm, so, what and got scared and sort of ran away. It is my proudest moment.

Along with my Duke of Edinburgh Badge, and the time I ran over a cattle grid and fell over onto my face.

The Art of Asking is based on her Ted talk of the same name and is a delicious feast of inspirational words and sincerity – enough to piss off the most cynical of naysayers and make this non adult adult continue to attempt to impersonate some kind of artist for the rest of her life, as well as be a lot kinder to the people who support and care and her.

For fans of: Caitlin Moran, Theatrical Flourishes, the garnish they put on top of eggs florentine

Watching: The Newsroom

We are onto the third, and final series, and boy has it been a enjoyable hot mess of bowties, quippy smart butts and awful characters saying interchangeable things depending on which of them is being the biggest dickhead that week, or has dips on being the stand in for Sorkins real thoughts.

This weeks best moment: Meryl Streep’s daughter is having a fight with her boyfriend over new media vs old media, and uttered the lines, ‘I just want to be part of the digital revolution!’

And yet. I can’t stop watching, and I love ever single absurd second of it.


For fans of: Masturbating in front of the mirror

Listening to: Serial

Like every mother fucker out there.

Also bonus listening to – Rachel and Miles X-plain the X Men.


The tag line is: ‘Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-Men. Because it’s about time someone did.’

I watched the cartoon as a young ‘un, have seen all the movies, (which went shit as soon as they stopped giving Rogue a personality or a part) and have even attempted to read the comics. I say attempted because there’s so many to plough through, and I have only read the most obvious ones (House of M, Astonishing X Men, Uncanny X Men.) There are just so many multiverses, bizarre storylines, threads, plots, dead ghosts, cyber pirates, explosions and continuity errors to get through before any of it makes any kind of lineal sense. It is a supernatural soap opera of incest, intrigue and morality hopping. Who is dead? Who was dead? Who is dead in an alternative reality, and therefore sort of dead on Tuesdays? Whose pig is this?

Rachel and Miles provide a public service to us all by explaining (in chronological order ish) the various plot threads of the X Men, so we can get it all straight in our heads. It’s the best historical podcast we have currently got, and I love it.

I also learnt that cyclops once got rid of the sentinels by convincing them to fight the sun. HAHAHAHA. lol.

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