The Photographic Memory 2: Return of Jafar

From next week I shall be starting work on the second draft of The Photographic Memory Records the Highlights of The Year, a feature film I am co-writing with Tom Betts for Western Edge Pictures.

I have spent my time between draft #1 and #2 watching the first series of all TV shows, working out the best reading ratio is one smart book followed by one YA book, and coming up with game shows.

I have one simply called ‘What is it?’ Contestants are shown zoomed in images of things and asked ‘What is it?’ They have two options. Once they give their answer the camera zooms out and reveals what the images was.  I want my boyfriend to present it. His name is Andy. I have come up with the first two rounds. The first is called ‘Andy Dick or Andy’s Dick?’ The second is called ‘Andie Macdowell or Andy with a Trowel?’

I think this worked better in my head.


The development process of the Photographic Memory has been awarded funding from The Wellcome Trust – a totes awesome science body with an exceptional museum in London. They have things in jars. Like babies. And limbs.

Due to said funding, myself and Tom will be traveling to Oxford University next week to ask neuroscientists lots of questions for the script, and to find out whether my internet and podcast listening research holds up. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime here is my dream list of actors to play the main role in the movie.

1.Tom Hardy

2.Tom Hardy

3.Tom Hardy

4.Tom Hardy

5.Tom Hardy

6.This Guy.



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