Rom Com Com

Rom Com Com
REMEMBER THIS from 2:  A star can open a romantic comedy, but a protagonist who doesn’t make sense will piss off the movie’s audience forever.

Old movies are pretty great, am I right guys? You’ve seen old movies before?




The dialogue, the long unedited shots, the way it takes it’s time. There is a delightful stillness, giving space to the characters to breathe, without the sense of cramming as many things as possible into 90 minutes. I have to make sure that I am a breather and not a crammer, but understand that sometimes there is a need to cram, but only when completely appropriate. Let the audience fill in the blanks. Trust the subtext is obvious enough. The lines of grey between the black and the white. Less is more. The fringes. The edges. The edge. U2. 

When you’re in love with a married man you shouldn’t wear mascara.

I went to a science night last year on Time Travel.

The talk focused on photons, and entanglement and fringes and teleportation, and I understood about a tenth of it. I loved the audiences passion for it, especially in the Q & A, where they discussed  time travel paradoxes but deep down everyone wanted to come away having worked out how to make it happen.

I keep half remembering an episode of Star Trek, maybe the first I saw, where two people are killed in a transporter malfunction. I remember Kirk asking someone to alert his or her families about the grave news. Sorry, your husband died due to a technical hitch. I thought it was the saddest red shirt death I have ever seen.

Example of fictional memory: It was actually in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and they vanished off the transporter, and got sent back to their original point of location.

Starfleet, do you have them?” Kirk asks to which the response is “Enterprise, what we got back didn’t live long, fortunately”.


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