Reference Books

Here is a interesting piece of information from each of the reference books I have been using today.


I don’t know why the picture is backwards.

These facts are potent in their ability to snare a lover, so PLEASE PLEASE do be careful with who you share them.

Save them for dinner parties, first dates and meet cute style scenarios which occur whilst waiting for public transport.

Chambers compact book of facts:

One of the moons ‘seas’ is called Lacus Somniorum, which means ‘Lake of Dreams.’ Too flowery? One of the moons ‘seas’ is called Lacus Mortis, which means ‘Lake of Death.’ Ohhh, now you’re all deep and aware of your own mortality.

Fear of God is know as Theophobia. Fear of ‘void’ (The? A? Looking into?) is Kenophobia. Fear of taste is ‘Geumaphobia.’

Interesting fact about me. I have no taste buds. They have all been burnt off by a childhood love of pop tarts and a lack of patience.

800 Awesome Things You Should Know!

The title suggests I am an idiot for not already being equipped with this knowledge.

No one knows why basking sharks seem to disappear at certain times of the year.

This is less of a fact, more of a gap in knowledge, which I don’t think I should know.

Art History for Dummies (but a reference for the rest of us)

It’s nice to be given the option to separate yourself from dummy to mildly more intelligent person, who knows all about art history but may need to refer back to this book on occasion when writing an article for Tatler on Toulouse Lautrec.

If you order a Bellini in a bar, the bartender will serve you a drink made from white peaches and Italian Champagne. The mixture has a distinct pink glow. It’s the same beautiful shade of pink that Giovanni Bellini once mixed on his palette and applied to such masterpieces as his San Zaccaria Altarpiece in Venice.

That was interesting wasn’t it.

The Marvel Encyclopedia

This is the greatest book ever written, especially in terms of getting all the marvel universe strands straight in your head. I know who is related to who, who has had sex with who in a parallel universe, who married a robot etc… Plus I love all the less successful superheroes.

Such as Armadillo! Whose body resembles that of a….giant armadillo.

Or Flag-Smasher. He can speak 3 languages and I bet you can guess his political leanings…

Or Frog Man! He has a frog suit!

Or Medusa! She has crazy hair!

Or Iron Man! He’s just… a massive dickhead.

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