Had a dream in which I was on a debate squad (ridiculous) with a middle aged sculpture and lived in Surrey near the old house of Van Gogh.

(Remember when Van Gogh lived in Surrey? Yeah, me neither guys. Good one brain)

Anyway this fellow tried to come on to me but unfortunately my two front bottom teeth fell out. He found it impressive rather than alarming. A bonus if anything. I have woken up confused.


I still desperately search for the appropriate writing schedule. I am writing and writing, but feel it should adhere to some kind of regime. Tom ‘writing partner’ Betts has informed me that some writers only write for four hours a day. I think I am too closely associating this to the working day of Dolly Parton in 9 – 5. I am monitoring my creative rhythms and planning schedules accordingly.

I work best after a vigorous run and between 7-11 in the morning. Or earlier. I do love getting up early and writing, and in my younger days I loved staying up late and writing with a cigarette in one hand (now I am addicted to nicorettes,) and some kind of gin in the other.  I prefer to be in bed by eleven now. That’s what happens after 25.

But I realise it is pointless worrying about the perfect situation/schedule/snack to accompany writing. Maybe I just need to take myself a little more seriously, but in an ironic way. Wear a beret and drink absinthe.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” Said Kurt Vonnegut, not considering all the paperwork you sign for a library card.

More advice and tips on writing schedules are here at the Excellent Brainpickings Website. I have been pouring over them this morning.

I like this from Don DeLillo ‘A writer takes earnest measures to secure his solitude and then finds endless ways to squander it. Looking out the window, reading random entries in the dictionary.’

Maybe I’ll try doing that today, although the view is always an small empty park with a tree and I am sure I don’t have a dictionary. Although I do have an encyclopedia of Marvel characters. Maybe I’ll find the view out of Don DeLillo’s window and just read entries from the Marvel encyclopedia.

Or find the best view. There must be a Buzzfeed article. 10 best views! This lucky fella has a Theme Park by his apartment! etc

The second story on the new This American Life ‘It Says So Right Here’ made me cry whilst I ran. I am a ridiculous human being.

Good morning all.

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