I went climbing today for ‘research’ purposes for the film, which I shall now refer to as Photographic Mem, because the title is too long and TPMRTHOTY does not  roll off the tongue.

 (I have also been to a football match for research purposes, met neuroscientists for research purposes and eaten this bit of cheesecake for research purposes.)

I went to some kind of big wall in Chepstow with an experienced climber who put up with all my dumb questions and ‘I can’t move’ moments. We got rained on and had to leave before I could really get into my anxiety attack. We did get high enough for me to gain an anecdote. “If I fell I would have broken a bone!”

I think you measure the height by the damage caused if you fell.

‘From here….you could break a leg’

‘From here…internal bleeding’

‘From here….just dead.’

I am in awe of the bravery of my climber friend. He shimmered up those rocks like spiderman, making it look deceptively easy, whilst I ambled up slowly, trying not to look down at my increasingly small snack bag.

And now a new segment… Christmas Ideas!

I am a big fan of Hieronymus Bosch and his Garden of Earthly delights.


The triptych features the garden of Eden (left), some people hanging around naked (middle), and a crazy Tuesday in Hell (right)

The image of Hell contains some weird and wonderful creations such as The Man who is also a Tree, The Egg with the Legs of a Woman, The Dude Hugging a Pig Dressed as a Nun and The Bird Headed Carnivorous Monster.

I was delighted to discover some of these colourful characters have been made into 3D miniatures. Perfect gifts for your macabre friend.


Prince of Hell, eating a dude.


Guy resisting advances of pig


Man confused by fact he is wearing boats as shoes


Not too sure what is going on here.

Good presents for failed artists and in laws.

Back to work.

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