Baked Oats Experiment

I am attempting to break away from my normal routines and not have porridge for breakfast every day. As someone as controlling and habitual as myself this feels slightly crazy, but my obsession with all food slightly mushy HAS GONE too far.

It’s like its not good, unless its also edible with a slightly wider then normal straw.

I think I am trying to relive my child hood, except I ate pop tarts for breakfast when I was young, so I am trying to re live my childhood but do it right this time. With slow releasing carbs.

It’s like time travel.

When Jane Eyre got amnesia she deduced that in her past she must have been very cold, because she loved a good fire. I eat mushy low GI slow energy releasing carbs for breakfast because in my past I ate a lot of sugar.

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of microwaving meals in mugs and the next time I take a lover I will cook them a romantic dinner consisting entirely of microwaved meals in mugs. It will be quirky but with minimal effort. The staples for the perfect date. 

This morning I broke the panicked “I must have porridge” cycle and had my first microwaved meal in a mug experience.

The Baked Oatmeal in a Mug.

It’s like porridge but more solid…er.




Now it’s meant to look like this, but sadly I didn’t have a wooden table top, the apples and midget birds napkin or the mid day lighting that comes from sun, so mine looked more like this…




Which looked a bit sad I thought. So I added yogurt.




That’s better.

I took the first dry solid mouthful and I was in a Best Western in Ohio. It was like all my American free hotel breakfast experiences rolled into one, minus the atmosphere of loud child eating a waffle. It all came out in one spoonful.


Although the taste reflected my minimal effort I still felt like a genius for using the microwave to bake. However I would still rate this as a better idea then event.

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