Nerdist Podcast: Christina Ricci.

I go from ‘shut up Chris’ to ‘it’s like listening in a mirror.’

(So the audible equivalent of looking in a mirror)

Sometimes it’s a troublingly relatable listen. I feel like I understand where Chris is coming from. Like, maybe we are the same person.

Except I was never on Singled Out.

And my girlfriend isn’t a hot cosplayer.

And I don’t have a podcast. Am not a man. Don’t live in LA, and I’m fairly sure we aren’t the same age.

But other then that, we are like, the same. Excitably whiny.

The sole aim of The Nerdist is to find the common neurotic thread in the celebrity, wheedle it out, and get them to wax lyrical about it with examples. It’s a way of making us mortal folk feel less ridiculous when we worry about stupid things, like phone calls from anonymous numbers (It’s the student loans company! Someones dead! My house is on fire!)

Or the look on peoples faces when we tell an anecdote which isn’t going anywhere. Or how affected we get when people point out we can’t spell. Or how we want to join an improv group but we might suck if they asked us to pretend to be from colonial times.


The Christina Ricci podcast was a lovely listen because everyone grew up with the Ricci, so it’s always nice to hear how she is doing, and because she has this interesting trick for dealing with stressful situations or people.

She pretends they don’t exist, except in her head.

The old schizophrenic switcheroo.

I think it’s novel and am now going to attempt it for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately I find everything stressful, so there are a lot of people who are going to be confused by my grown up version of peek a boo. But you know, maybe it’s the key to dealing with everything. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Enjoy your Burrito. etc.

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