The Photographic Memory Recalls the Highlights of the Year

“The Photographic Memory Recalls the Highlights of the Year,” is a feature film I am writing in conjunction with Tom Betts for Western Edge Pictures. It’s based on a short story I wrote when I was 25. It is being supported by the Wellcome Trust Development Awards

It has a pinterest

Here is the spiel:

Ben Porter (38) remembers everything that has ever happened to him.

His unique mind has earned him money, success and popularity, but, weighted down with mental images of the past, he finds the forging of real relationships increasingly untenable. He seeks help from a neuroscientist in the hope that she can drag him away from his negative archives. He wants so desperately to use his “real-life super power” more usefully, and perhaps find someone with whom he can live in the present.

Here is some information:

Western Edge Pictures are currently developing the script with Prof. Emily Holmes and Dr. Stephanie Burnett Heyes at the Experimental Psychopathology and Cogniitive Therapies Research Group (EPaCT) at Oxford University. We will be documenting every aspect of this extraordinary development process as they work with the writers to create a “REAL” science fiction story.

Here is a picture of a woman with a parrot, which looks like a penis going up her nose:

photo (4)

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